Beauty Evolutions on TikTok

Beauty Evolutions on TikTok

TikTok Beauty Evolutions Whats Viral in June

TikTok Beauty Evolutions: What’s Viral in June beauty industry’s most influential consumers have found their new home in TikTok – and not just on YouTube. A recent TIkTok CEW report revealed that 70% of the platform’s users discovered more beauty brands on TikTok than they did on YouTube. Whether it’s a quick beauty tip, an introduction to a new product or their tried and true holy grails, TikTok’s influencers are constantly bringing fresh content to the app that’s sure to pique the interest of their followers.

In the world of beauty, Gen Z is redefining the rules of makeup application and putting the democratization of beauty into hyper drive. In an age of digital skepticism, Gen Z’s trust in beauty creators is paramount and they look to them for honest, real-world product reviews and recommendations.

Margot Robbie’s Secret to Flawless Skin Uncovered

This month, beauty influencers took to the app to showcase their latest must-have product finds that they can’t live without. Whether it’s a cleansing wipe that’s able to remove all traces of oil and dirt, a hair brush that doesn’t pull your strands or a face mask that leaves your skin looking radiant and refreshed, there is something for everyone.

The most popular beauty product this month was a vegan cleanser by CeraVe that can be used for both facial washing and makeup removal. This cleanser has already become a top seller on Amazon and is the perfect product to help clean out your pores from excess sebum, pollution and other environmental impurities that can cause breakouts.

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