Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in a mushroom dispensary near me, is still illegal in Canada despite slight policy shifts in recent years that have fueled optimism and a raison d’être for storefronts like the one that opened in Osborne Village this week. Psychedelic shops with names like Fun Guyz have popped up across the country as demand has exploded and as Canada’s legal marijuana movement paved the way for this illicit market to thrive.

While he admits to pushing boundaries, Larsen says he’s not worried about police raiding his store or any of the dozen other mushroom stores that operate openly. In fact, he says the lack of enforcement will likely mirror what happened with cannabis before legalization.

CBC K-W’s Aastha Shetty caught up with Larsen and some eager customers at the opening of the first Fun Guyz in Kitchener to find out why they’re so interested in purchasing magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms and Mental Health: The Role of Canadian Dispensaries in Healing

The store operates in a grey area because psilocybin is not yet approved as a therapeutic drug by Health Canada and the sale, production and possession of magic mushrooms remains an offence. Despite this, some experts argue that these shops are not committing crimes.

As with any illegal substance, the consumption of magic mushrooms carries significant risks. These include the possibility of a “bad trip” (frightening experiences that can lead to paranoia, loss of control and a distorted sense of self) as well as long-term health effects such as heart problems for people with preexisting conditions. Buying from reputable websites that offer lab-tested products is an important step to ensure safety and prevent scams, as noted by CBC K-W’s reporter Josh Crabb.

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