What is the Best UK ETF?

What is the Best UK ETF?

Best uk etf  and cheapest ways to start investing. These ETFs invest in a basket of shares, funds, currencies or commodities in one go to track the performance of their underlying assets. They can offer instant diversification, low fees and are a great option for those looking to invest in the UK.

The best uk etf for you will depend on your investment goals, risk appetite and trading style. To invest in ETFs you’ll need to open an account with a FCA-regulated online broker such as eToro, InvestEngine or interactive investor. You can then search for the ETF you want and trade them throughout the day at market prices. You should pay attention to the ETF’s fees and expenses as these can have a big impact on your investment returns.

In the UK you can find ETFs tracking various sectors including the FTSE 100 index, global markets and energy stocks. The iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (SIXO) is one of the most popular.

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Another good UK ETF is the iShares FTSE 250 ETF (LON: UC64). This ETF tracks the FTSE 250 Index and includes companies such as Vodafone and Barclays. It has a 10 year annualised return of 6.94%.

Another UK ETF worth considering is the S&P FTSE High Yield Dividend Aristocrats ETF (LON:UKDV). This ETF tracks the performance of high dividend yielding blue-chip stocks that have consistently raised their dividends for over 20 years. This ETF has a return of 4.7% since it launched in 2012.

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