How to Choose Huge Canvas Prints

How to Choose Huge Canvas Prints

Huge canvas prints are a fantastic way to turn your favorite photographs into beautiful works of art. They work well in any living space and create a statement piece that will catch the eye of any guests who walk into your home. Whether you are looking for a new centerpiece to your living room, or simply want to transform your bedroom into a gallery, huge photo prints on canvas can do just the trick.

How long does canvas last?

When choosing a canvas print size, it’s important to consider the size of the space where you plan on hanging it. A canvas that’s too large for a space can look out of place and dwarf the rest of the decor. Conversely, a canvas that’s too small may end up looking like an afterthought and not having the impact you were hoping for.


A popular choice, our 16″ x 20″ canvas prints can be used alone or in pairs for a stunning gallery wall. This size is perfect for landscape photos or tall family portraits. It also works great when used as a focal point in a stairwell gallery wall.


If you’re planning on creating a massive gallery wall, our 24″ x 36″ canvas prints are the ideal size. They can be hung horizontally or vertically and can be used for either a single photo or a collage of photos.

When hanging your canvas, be sure to use a spirit level before hammering your nails or j-hooks into the wall. This will ensure your print hangs evenly and does not become crooked over time.

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