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We will give you a new sales channel through your own iOS and Android mobile app in 24 hours and $ 99 per month

For owners of online stores on Bitrix and Shopify, there is now a way to get their own mobile application for $ 99 per month using a product from KUKApp. You will receive full-fledged mobile apps for iOS and Android, which will increase repeat purchases by 157% from the first month of operation

White Label Solution


Auto sync with online store

With no registration in AppStore and Google Play

Enter the address of the site and check its compatibility with KUKApp in 1 click

Why does a small business need a mobile app?

70% of traffic on the site, on average, comes from mobile devices

85% of customers would prefer to use a mobile application over the mobile version of the site

57% of customers use mobile applications for a more convenient and detailed study of information

Repeated orders through the mobile application are made on average 157% more often than through the mobile version of the site


We dropped the unnecessary and created a ready-made solution, reducing the application release time to 1 day, the budget to $ 99, and your own efforts to 5 minutes.


An app fully ready to start generating profit. The very next day after contacting us, your application will be published in AppStore and Google Play

Budget Friendly

The basic plan price $99 per month, this is the cost of 1 cup of coffee per day


Apps work in automatic mode - you do not need to design or configure anything, and the products are taken directly from the site


We use native languages of Apple (Swift) and Google (Kotlin). We monitor the stability of the applications and update them for new devices and OS versions


You get a branded mobile application. The application interface will be made in your corporate colors


We publish the applications in the AppStore and Google Play for 2 days - no longer need to register yourself, wait for verification and pay for it


Are you ready to have a new native mobile app for your online store today?

Enter your contacts so that we can contact you

Install the Kukapp module from the Shopify Marketplace

Wait while we release your application


You will see the orders placed through the applications on the control panel and continue processing them as usual.

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KUKApp is written in the native languages of Apple and Google - Swift and Kotlin, which guarantees perfect compatibility and stability

The application works autonomously, without permanent access to the site, which improves the interaction with it for the end user

Connection to the online store occurs through a RESTful API over a secure protocol with SSL / TLS support

The application automatically updates information about products and adds new ones when placed on the site

Orders from mobile applications are displayed in the same place as orders received through the site

Users' personal data is not stored in the application

Automatic update of applications when new functionality is added and new versions of iOS and Android are released

Enter the address of the site and check its compatibility with KUKApp in 1 click


No signup fees. No credit card required. No long-term commitments.


Everything you need to get started
Push notifications to clients


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Everything you need to get started
Push notifications to clients
Ability to remove our logo
Chat integration
Built-in analytics
Ability to publish to customer account


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