Build a native mobile app that grows your online store in less than 3 hours.

KUKApp a white-label solution. With KUKApp, an app is integrated with the online store's CMS and for less than $100. KUKApp is also a subscription-based solution so there are no hidden fees.
White Label Solution
Why It Matters
New mean of selling
It has never been easier to grow your brand!
We are not an app builder, we are a unique white label solution
If all the features are loaded, but not used, apps are still slow and bulky.
KUKApps streamlined process results in a clean, smooth-running app that your clients will love.
Begin your day ordering your branded app, and your customers will be shopping using your app that very same day!
As a small to medium sized business owner your focus should be on growing your business. KUKApp helps small to medium sized businesses by taking the technical out of tech. You will get a quality IOS app already uploaded to the app store in a few easy clicks.
Small to medium sized businesses

3 simple steps
Are you ready to have a new native mobile app for your online store today?

Install the Kukapp module from the Shopify Marketplace

In just 3 short hours, you app is done, and ready to be published to the App store!

Why KUKApp?
What if you could have everything you needed to create an app for your online store with one easy white label solution?

Do you want to spend your precious time on building an app? Do you know that even the best app builders will require you to have some IT skills?
Boost Sales

Most app development takes 4 months. Give us 3 hours and your customers will be happily shopping in your online store
When you launch a mobile app you boost your online sales from 25% to 40%
An easy to use mobile app will not only increase customer views by over 4x, but it concerts those views into sales
Behind the scenes
A superior quality app that looks like a whole development team made it.
A ready-made solution for online stores

KUKApp is written in Swift, Apple's native language
Clean code for your needs

No loading websites or emulations
App stability guaranteed. Automatic updates for very IOS or Apple device release.
Budget Friendly

/ month
people pick up a smartphone to enter an online store.
MasterCard approved
of them "shop" at least once a week.
Launch your own mobile app and this audience will be yours.
A mobile app is the engine of modern trade

In the world we live in now online shopping is the norm, and people want an engaging, easy to use app.

Imagine in just three hours from the time you subscribe, you could have an app that builds your online stores presence.

Market studies show that launching mobile apps boosts online store sales from 25% to 400% (depending on the segment and other factors). Customers who use mobile apps view 4 times more products than those who visit websites via their smartphones.

That makes a mobile app a must-have. Still, many online store owners think app development is an expensive, time-consuming process and don't know where to start. But you don't need a development team to build you an app.

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