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Mobile application with a logo and a description of the online store
With modern functionality that the consumer needs: with a basket, search, filters, authorization on the site, a choice of payment options
Ready to go and generate profit
The first purchases in your new app can be made tomorrow
3 easy steps
Just a few steps and the application for your business is ready
Give us your website address, we will do the rest!
Add our module through the control panel of your site!
After the end of development, your new application is ready for publication in the AppStore!

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Large retailers can afford to maintain an IT department.
Well, everyone has the right to spend money as he pleases.

Online store owners from the mid-market segment usually hire IT specialists who build applications on one of the platforms with builders. This is no longer necessary. You can get a quality iOS app already uploaded in the AppStore in a few clicks. And at the same time save money.

For small businesses, our service is the only way to quickly launch a mobile application with a minimum budget. And it will be a full-fledged application with full functionality that the consumer needs.

Choice of small and medium businesses
people pick up a smartphone to enter an online store.
MasterCard approves
of them "shop" at least once a week.
Launch your own mobile app and this audience will be yours.
Mobile application is the engine of modern commerce
Why does an online store need a mobile application? It's simple: it is a choice of a consumer who wants to spend money. In 2017-2020, another information mini-revolution took place in the world. Customers of online stores began to make purchases in large quantities using smartphones. According to MasterCard, Admitad and Criteo, mobile shopping has conquered 40-50% of the online world market by 2020.

At the same time, mobile applications generate more traffic than responsive websites of online stores. Application conversion is 3 times higher.
Market research has shown that the introduction of mobile applications increases sales from 25% to 400% (depending on the segment and other factors). Customers using mobile apps view 4 times more items than those who visit websites from smartphones.
So, a mobile application is a must have tool. But many online store owners still have a stereotype that creating your own application is expensive, takes a long time, and it is generally not clear where to start. You don't really need to invite developers to launch your own mobile app.
The simplest solution for those who keep up with the times
You don't need to hire a development team like giant retailers do. It is enough to pay for a subscription on our service, and in a few hours you will be able to launch your mobile application
All you need to do is provide basic information about your store, provide links to the site and logo. We will do the rest
In 3 hours, your online store application will appear in the AppStore. This means that within a few hours your customers will be able to make purchases using their smartphone.
Why Choose Us?
KUKApp is a turnkey business solution. You get your own app in no time
Clean work
Quickly and efficiently
We support
We write clean and stable code.
We use only native programming languages, no emulations
Your own mobile app for an online store in a few minutes
We monitor the stability of the application, update for new devices and iOS versions
Professional approach
It's a budget solution, but your customers won't know about it.
Your application will look like you have your own development team.
Boxed solution for online stores
The application is written in the native language of Apple - Swift
Clean code tailored to your needs
Works quickly, without loading sites and emulations
We guarantee the stability of the application by updating it when the next version of iOS or a new Apple device is released
the best package for any task
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